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——————————— Friday 08, December 2017 ———————————
Jolie réponse d'un joueur expliquant pourquoi beaucoup de joueurs préfèrent jouer un humain qu'un elfe, un nain, un troll, ... dans WoW. (Mais ça peut s'appliquer à beaucoup d'univers virtuels)

"Fantasy is a modern evolution of mythology made into an explicitly fictional setting. Tolkien, credited as the father of modern fantasy, based his works off several different mythologies, such as the Christian, Celtic, and Norse mythologies, all of which either feature humans, or gods described in the image of humanity. As fantasy has evolved, that central trope has remained a staple.

   In Warcraft specifically, the humans play such an important role not just because we can relate to them, but because they were the first of two chief races in a standard "Man vs. Monster" story. They also provide a base for which other races can compare. The dwarves are especially good craftsmen, while humans are just decent. The elves are superior archers and rangers, while the humans are mostly inferior save a few exceptions.

   The final role of humans is their role as the fantasy underdog, and the power of willpower. The humans, by all means are a biologically, technologically, and mystically inferior species. They do not posses the strength of the orcs, the mechanical skill of the dwarves and gnomes, nor do they posses the natural aptitude for magic like that of the elves. They live fractions of the lives that their allies and cousins live, and though they are resilient, they are so fragile. Vol'jin, when placed into the body of a human in a dream, remarks at how fragile, weak and slow he felt. Yet despite this, humanity has spread larger than any other race, raising seven kingdoms, one of which is now the most powerful capital of mages in the entire world. They form the bulk of the Alliance, fighting massive orcs, trolls and tauren, fending off legions of the walking dead, and standing against the naturally gifted blood elves and the incredibly destructive goblins. They are torn asunder but they refuse to fall. Humanity has blessed Azeroth with some of the greatest heroes and damned it with some of the most sinister villains. Their refusal to back down and their endless strive forward where other races grow complacent is what makes them so important, and cements their role in fantasy.

   To play a human is not to simply play something representative of yourself. It is to play the underdog, the everyman, the nobody. The nobody who stands against monsters and demons far greater in strength and power. To play a human is to face these monsters head on, knowing they are greater, knowing they are stronger, and still refusing to back down." - Donovan, Moon Guard

Après je sais qu'il y a aussi une frange de la population (dont je fais partie) qui a besoin de pouvoir s'identifier au personnage. Ca doit être mes racines de joueur RP :D
Je suis incapable d'accrocher à un personnage féminin ou trop "bestial". Il faut soit que le personnage soit vraiment humanoïde, soit que je lui écrive un background complet...
(C'est un peu chiant, car parfois j'aimerais bien pouvoir prendre du plaisir à jouer un Troll, un Gobelin, un Gnome, etc.)
"Bitcoin’s “mining” network uses more electricity in a year than the whole of Ireland"

Yep, les cryptomonnaies commencent à devenir dangereuses à cause de l'énorme impact qu'elles peuvent avoir sur l'environnement.

"At those levels of electricity consumption, each individual bitcoin transaction uses almost 300KWh of electricity – enough to boil around 36,000 kettles full of water"